Lonely Ghosts - Come Down From The... - 7" (OIB014)

Lonely Ghosts - Come Down From The... - 7" (OIB014)

Format: 7" Vinyl / Download (delivered to your inbox)

Comprising four completely new recordings, the new double A-side 7inch and digital single 'Come Down from the Mountain / Ghosts of Mice' beautifully showcases the disparate sides to the richly developed and more experimental Lonely Ghosts sound. The B-sides 'Forever Distortion' and 'Game Faces On' are exclusive solely to this release. Features guest contributions from Leesey Frances (ex-Help She Can't Swim vocalist) and members of My Device & The Tumbledown Estate. Limited to just 300 copies worldwide with no repress!

  • A. Come Down From the Mountain
  • B. Forever Distortion
  • AA. Ghosts of Mice
  • BB. Game Faces On

* This is a split label release with 'Buyyourself'.

2.99 GBP