Lonely Ghosts – Return From the Search... - CD (OIB011)

Lonely Ghosts – Return From the Search... - CD (OIB011)

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Return From the Search Party’ is Lonely Ghosts debut full-length album. Written in tandem with ‘Don’t Get Lost Or Hurt’, the album expands on the style of its predecessor showing the many disparate sides of the experimental Lonely Ghosts sound. Throughout the record lo-fi indie-pop rubs shoulders against multiple layers of textured sound, be it harsh guitar noises and synths such as on album opener ‘Love Projection’, or lush sweeping strings and clarinets as on the recent limited edition single ‘Ghosts of Mice’. Recorded largely from his home studio, Denney utilises songs like an audio note pad, laying down musical ideas and experiments freely and coupling them with open and emotive vocals. The end result is a rich album that makes leaps stylistically from song to song but is always held together by a strong pop backbone.

This release also features guest contributions from Leesey Frances (ex-Help She Can’t Swim co-vocalist) and members of My DeviceNullifier and The Tumbledown Estate.

  • Love Projection
  • Statues
  • Glasgow, Covered in Snow
  • Hush Up
  • As My Body Explodes
  • Come Down From the Mountain
  • Ghosts of Mice
  • Green Eyes
  • Battleships
  • March!
  • Predictions for the New Year
  • Today Was Like Russian Winter
  • Taking Shape

“Still carrying on with his DIY home recording fandango, Denney has made me one very happy young lady. Starting with a bit of a slap around the face with ‘Love Projection’, Lonely Ghost’s first full length offering is relentless. The first quarter of the album takes it up a notch with each song; from the Bloc Party-esque (with plenty of added synth), super paced ‘Statues’ to the awesome (and probably my favourite from the album) ‘Hush Up’ which has a very The Rapture sounding bass line (read: brilliant). The mix of that awesome funk-pop bassline with Denney’s venomously spat lyrics is rather, well, good.” – 8/10 Subba Cultcha

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