Nullifier - Most Evil - Digital (OIB018)

Nullifier - Most Evil - Digital (OIB018)

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With the release of their debut mini-album ‘Most Evil’, Nullifier deliver six perfectly formed infectious hyper-pop tunes on the subject of space, waves, girls, and the Armageddon associated with all of the above. After making big waves online with their ultra-lo-fi home recordings back in 2009, it wasn’t long before the band’s name began cropping up in the pages of nationwide tastemaker magazines such as Artrocker and NME; and all this before they’d even played a single show!

The band quickly went on to expand their palette, bringing harmony, subtlety, and reverb-drenched textures into the mix alongside their ever-present blown-out bass and gnarled digital snares. Self-recorded using donated equipment Nullifier offer up ‘MOST EVIL’, their highly-anticipated high-octane debut mini-album.

  • The Red Planet
  • The Scheme of Things
  • 30 Minute Heat
  • This Animal Kingdom
  • Calcifer
  • Convectors

“A life affirming surprise discovery” - NME

“Glorious melodies and the catchiest choruses of the year- an indie space disco riot”- The Source Magazine

“In all honesty, sometimes we have to trek long and hard through the musical landscape in order to uncover bands that we consider good enough to make it onto The Recommender, so it was a joy on this occasion to simply walk into the room and have this awesome group bowl us over. Surprises really don’t get much sweeter.” – The Recommender

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