OIB Split Series Volume 3 - 7" (OIB010)

OIB Split Series Volume 3 - 7" (OIB010)

Format: 7" VINYL EP

The third volume in our series of limited edition split 7" records is a much heavier affair and brings together four of the most exciting contemporary DIY punk bands on the planet! Each volume is built around a loose musical theme with four artists that share a similar ethos in their approach to music construction. Limited to just 450 copies worldwide with reversible gatefold sleeves, inserts, and one-inch badges designed by the bands involved.

  • Lovvers - Boys Club / Vox Pop
  • Knyfe Hyts - Hyts of Summer
  • The Death Set - Zombie
  • Best Fwends - Hail

**OIB Records webstore exclusive: The first 50 copies come with an exclusive set of all four one-inch badge designs as opposed to the single one with the retail copies.**

3.99 GBP