Pope Joan – Hot Water, Lines and Rickety... - CD (OIB006)

Pope Joan – Hot Water, Lines and Rickety... - CD (OIB006)

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With their debut mini-album ‘Hot Water, Lines and Rickety Machines’, Pope Joan have created a breathless assemblage of 8 tracks recorded over one hectic weekend that reflects the refinement of their sound, combining unforgettable pop-hooks with the lo-fi immediacy of their raw essence.

  • No TV
  • 49 Years Time
  • A Length Of String
  • Nothing Is Too Much
  • Our Cuisine
  • It’s The Same As When You Asked Me The Last Time
  • An Alternate Route To The End
  • Pocket Of Change
"A colourful explosion of post punk adorned, effects laden guitar lines, quirky synth noises, elasticated bass lines and creative drum patterns topped off with an undeniable pop sheen." - Artrocker

"Brighton boys Pope Joan are a fantastic and quirky proposition indeed." - NME

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