Pseudo Nippon - Universal Pork Tai Chi - CD (OIB017)

Pseudo Nippon - Universal Pork Tai Chi - CD (OIB017)

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Direct from the mouth of Pseudo Nippon:

'Universal Pork Tai Chi', is inner space philospohy that lead to Fish Gods. Pseudo Nippon follow Universal Pork Tai Chi for many years, following teacher like Jebubu and Fishlady.

Jebubu was cosmic priest who lived in shed for thousands of years, fish would offer themselves to him, flap across land, and he would open shed door and fish there to eat and practice the philospohy in shed. Pseudo had come to live in the shed, now Temple of Shed for one and half year where he record this album. The album is Pseudo pala machine to express the underlying unknown in all we base are world on. Now physicists are finding new sub atomic prime particles that point to fish god existence beyond the multi-verse. stephen hawking beef.

This album sound utter joy because one way of universal pork tai chi moment is when have utter joy you no longer try. when you do practice of no try, connect to the eternal becoming of all energy and mass. never eat the same beef twice as all beef flux as all pork flux and as all holy yam flux. This joy when listen to songs make your heart beat in pufferfish green light with prawns leading procession to the grandmothers choir. at this point you appreciate your family.

Pseudo has four children.

  • Gobachi
  • Hotdog Is No Name For A Song
  • Kanye East The Edo Monster
  • Indo Man
  • I'm On Top Of You
  • Temple Of Shed (Boy Power)
  • Jebubu And The Whale
  • Takitane
  • Big Man Moustache
  • Universal Pork Tai Chi
  • My Red Face
  • Temple Of Shed (Boy Explosion ((Incredible)))
"sounds like Dan Deacon having a jam with Konono No. 1 under the musical direction of The Chipmunks" - THE SKINNY

"Imagine 'Devo' or 'Boredoms' at their most unhinged and unpredictable" - SUBBA CULTCHA

" there's never a dull moment. Free your mind.. then laugh yourself silly while Pseudo Nippon blows it to multicoloured smithereens." - WHISPERIN AND HOLLERIN

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