Robert Stillman - Machine's Song - CD (OIB021)

Robert Stillman - Machine's Song - CD (OIB021)

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'Machine’s Song' is the new album from the composer and multi-instrumentalist Robert Stillman. A repertoire of music for the one man band, realised in solo performance and recording, the music of ‘Machine’s Song’ focuses on the notion of Uncanny in musical automata, one-man-band performance, and multi-track tape composition. Like Robert Stillman’s past compositional work, Machine’s Song combines pre-jazz American folk-form, surreal sound-collage, and evocative, unfolding melodies.

Machine’s Song comes housed in a reverse-board untreated card spined sleeve, housing both the physical CD in a paper inner and a 5”X15” digital print poster of the experimental, printing block, collage-style imagery of Alan Brignull alongside the Dada-inspired text design of Anna Fewster, together creating a archaeo-futuristic analog to Stillman’s music.

**OIB Records webstore exclusive: Limited to just 35 hand numbered copies worldwide, the FIRST 35 PRE-ORDERS come as one-off editions housing a 5”X15” hand made poster using metal foundry type and old printing blocks, letterpress printed on heavy cotton paper with an Adana ‘8-5’ platen press. These are the hand made originals that were used to create the retail digital print edition.

  • Intro
  • Broadwar
  • Broadwar Retreat
  • Impossible Tree
  • Tree Collage
  • Segue
  • Trail Music
  • Castle Music

"At its foundation, Stillman's work evokes images of bar brawls, oncoming trains, and wild gesticulations, but the loving romanticism of his narratives is infused with experimental touches that both examine and repurpose the legacy of early American music." - The Portland Phoenix

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