Sea Monsters 2 - The Best of Brighton - CD (OIB025)

Sea Monsters 2 - The Best of Brighton - CD (OIB025)

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Following last year’s fantastic celebration of Brighton’s musical underground. One Inch Badge’s SEA MONSTERS is back, bigger and better than ever! Expanded by five extra bands and nearly 40 extra minutes Sea Monsters 2 presents the 23 most crucial bands in Brighton in 2012 across two intense CDs.

Across this comprehensive compilation you’ll get to hear the indie-pop perfection of Munich and Black Black Hills; the quirkiness of Restlesslist and Us Baby Bear Bones; the youthful exuberance of Tyrannosaurus Dead and Fear of Men; the electronic assault of DA-10 and The Physics House Band; the balls-out psychjamzzz of Negative Pegasus; and the heavier-than-thou dark-side of Sea Bastard and Plague Sermon; amongst many, many others. It’s an experimental set of music that switches genres more times in the space of two discs than even Madonna dared to, a real testament to the true depth and excitement of the Brighton scene in 2012.

Disc One Tracklisting:
  • Restlesslist - Magma
  • Nullifier - Canguu Thunderbolts
  • Munich - Hero Of Mine
  • Tall Ships - Hit The Floor
  • Soft Arrows - The Arcade Grave
  • Fear Of Men - Doldrums
  • Tyrannosaurus Dead - 1992
  • The Physics House Band - Titan
  • Speak Galactic - Long Distances
  • DA-10 - Respirator
  • Squadron Leaders - Brothel Creepers

Disc Two Tracklisting:
  • Sons Of Noel & Adrian - Rise
  • Us Baby Bear Bones - Rain
  • Jumping Ships - Talisman
  • Black Black Hills - The Celebration
  • Heliopause - Try To Lose
  • Robert Stillman - Impossible Tree
  • Twin Brother - Backseat Routine
  • Cinemascopes - Small Blue Waves
  • Negative Pegasus - Floating Omen
  • I'm Being Good - NanoParty
  • Plague Sermon - Black Sleep
  • Sea Bastard – Taedium
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