Sons of Noel and Adrian - Knots - 12" (OIB026)

Sons of Noel and Adrian - Knots - 12" (OIB026)

Format: 12" Gatefold Vinyl

The follow-up to their self-titled debut sees Sons of Noel and Adrian breaking far away from their acoustic roots. At times soft and orchestral, at times crass and loud, Knots is always infused with beauty and tenderness: soulful, taunt, honed and with a new found love of pysch-folk kosmiche experimentation.

Released on 12" vinyl housed in a beautiful 12" gatefold sleeve and limited to just 300 copies worldwide.

  •  The Yard
  • Come Run Fun Stella Baby Mother of The World
  • Jellyfish Bloom
  • Big Bad Bold
  • Leaving Mary’s Hand
  • Cathy Come Home
  • Black Side of the River
  • Matthew
  • Heroine
** OIB RECORDS webstore exclusive: the first 100 sales of Knots come with a very limited edition (100 made) hand printed and hand numbered 12” screen print as show here:


“They transcend a label. Through an explosion of genres, Sons of Noel and Adrian prevail – controlled, talented and ramshackle...awe-inspiringly intriguing and enchanting listen." - The Line Of Best Fit

“Undeniably powerful...Knots is a meaty, satisfying listen” – 
BBC Music

“Each inspirational, frequently brooding composition speaks in intricate tongues of simpler times, evocative instrumental breakdowns speaking the words the lips cannot. An intensely vivid journey into a discordantly beautiful world, Sons Of Noel And Adrian have liberated themselves from the constraints of society’s sonic status quo, and in doing so, have created something truly inspirational.” 
Drowned in Sound

"Come Run Fun Stella Baby Mother Of The World’ combines acoustic guitar, soul beats, drone and military drumming in a way that recalls early TV On The Radio...the trumpet heavy stunner ‘Matthew’ brilliantly mixes gentle acoustic with drone, creating storms that build in power" -

7.99 GBP